Deliver the best
business pitch in Tampa
and win $25,000.

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10 businesses;
5 minutes on stage;
1 winner gets $25,000 cash

On one extraordinary evening, 10 driven business owners will present their very best 5-minute pitches to sell their company's services to potential customers.

The best pitch will win a cash prize of $25,000.

Will you be among the final 10?

Deadline for Application is Closed,
Better Luck Next Time

What is The BIG Pitch?

How to compete
it's simple:


(Application fee $100)

You do not need to submit a video at this time. You will be sent instructions via email on how to submit a video of you pitching your company.

We are only accepting 200 applicants, which means you have a 1 in 4 chance of making it to round 2.

So submit your application, before the competition fills up!

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    Round 1 Details

    Step 1: Fill out application (Now, before the 200 spots fill up)

    Step 2: Complete the registration ($100 registration fee applies)

    Step 3: Submit a video of your pitch (Later. You will receive an email on how to upload)

    Who can compete?

    • You must be a business owner.
    • You must fill out the online application in full.
    • $100 application fee applies.

    You don’t have to produce a professional video! If you don’t have access to video equipment, just schedule an appointment at our office to record it for you (at no additional charge). You can schedule your appointment right now by calling: (813) 258-4372

    What are we looking for in your pitch?

    This IS NOT an investor pitch! This IS NOT a place for you to share an idea that is not a real business. THIS IS a SOCIAL Pitch. What is a SOCIAL Pitch? It’s what you say every day when you go to a networking event and tell someone what you do. It’s just that simple!

    How many times have you already stood up in front of a crowd and talked about your company? Well in this competition, that’s all you have to do and you could win $25,000.

    You will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Is your message clear? (Do I get what you do?)
    • Are you credible (Do I get why I would want to hire you?)
    • What is the problem you solve?
    • How do you solve it?
    • Why do you do what you do?
    • What is your reputation like in the marketplace?

    Props or visual aids are not allowed during the pitch. If you can’t pitch what you do without props or visual aids, then your pitch needs work. You can’t carry visual aids or props at a networking event, and you can’t use them in the video either.

    After we review your video, one of two things will happen:

    If you qualify: On April 3rd, 2015, you’ll receive an email confirming your approval to move on to Round 2. Congrats!

    If you don’t qualify: You’ll receive an email notifying you, along with a customized, detailed instruction on how you can improve your pitch in the future. This feedback will help you present your business more clearly when visiting networking events, trade shows, sales meetings, and speaking opportunities. This feedback alone is worth way more than $100..

    Because of your stepping up for the challenge, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of our best-selling book, “Become a Key Person Of Influence,” along with a chance to obtain priority seating at The BIG Pitch live event.


    Are you up for the challenge?

    Deadline for Application is Closed,
    Better Luck Next Time

    All videos need to be submitted no later than 5:00PM on April 1st, 2015.


50 contestants will proceed to pitch live in front of our judges.

From here, 10 contestants will be selected, who will move on to the Final Round.

(Odds of making it to the Final Round will be 1 in 5.)

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    Round 2 Details

    If you’re among the 50 people who qualify in Round 1

    We will schedule a time for you to come and audition live in front of our judges at our office. The audition consists of your 5-minute BIG Pitch, and the judges will give you 10 minutes of feedback. This live audition will be held between April 13 - April 17, 2015.

    On Saturday, April 18th, 2015

    You will be notified on whether you are one of the 10 finalists, who will move on to the Final Round for a chance to win $25,000 in cash by pitching your company to a live audience at the Straz Performing Arts Center.

    If you don’t move on to the Final Round

    You will receive an opportunity to purchase a ticket to attend The BIG Pitch live event at a discounted rate.


10 finalists will give their BIG Pitch in front of a live audience.

The celebrity judges will select one winner, who will receive a cash prize of $25,000.

(Odds of winning are 1 in 10.)

All videos need to be submitted by APRIL 1st

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    Final Round Details

    The Final Round is simple:

    10 finalists will pitch in front of a live audience of 400 business owners, potential customers, and venture capitalists at The BIG Pitch event on April 30, 2015, in front of a select group of celebrity judges.

    Whether you win the Grand Prize or not, this will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company in front of 400 business leaders and live streamed all over the world.

    Our celebrity judges will score each BIG Pitch, and at the end of the event, the person who delivers the best BIG Pitch will win a Grand Prize of $25,000 in cash.

    This is not $25,000 in prizes…

    The prize is an actual check for $25,000 in the name of your business.

    Deadline for Application is Closed,
    Better Luck Next Time

Our celebrity judges are:

  • Joel Comm - The BIG Pitch judge

    Joel Comm

    Internet Pioneer and New York Times Best-Selling Author,
    The Adsense Code

  • Dr. Rebecca White The BIG Pitch judge

    Rebecca J. White, PhD

    James W. Walter Chair of Entrepreneurship, Professor and Center Director, The University of Tampa

  • Bernhard Dohrmann The BIG Pitch judge

    Berny Dohrmann

    Founder of CEO Space

  • Stacie Schaible - The BIG Pitch judge

    Stacie Schaible

    Emmy Nominated TV News Anchor

    WFLA News Channel 8

  • Bob Circosta - The BIG Pitch judge

    Bob Circosta

    TV’s Billion Dollar Man,

    Helped create Home Shopping Network

Would you like to be an audience member?

If competing isn't your thing, we have a place for you anyway. You can still attend the live event as an audience member.

Purchase tickets here

Live Event Ticket

The BIG Pitch VIP Experience
(Only 10 seats total)
  • Seating with finalists
  • VIP Swag Bag
  • Dinner with Celebrity Judges

Straz Center, Tampa FL
April 30th, 2015, 6pm - 9pm

Live Event Ticket

Main floor

Straz Center, Tampa FL
April 30th, 2015, 6pm - 9pm

Live Event Ticket

2nd floor balcony

Straz Center, Tampa FL
April 30th, 2015, 6pm - 9pm

Live Event Ticket

3rd floor balcony

Straz Center, Tampa FL
April 30th, 2015, 6pm - 9pm

Live Event

Straz Center for the Performing Arts
1010 North Macinnes Place Tampa, FL 33602

April 30th, 2015, 6pm - 9pm